Languages available
Japanese, English, Chinese/for mainland China, Chinese/for Taiwan, Chinese/for Hong Kong, Thai, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


Q: How is the translation fee calculated?
A: The number of characters that are actually translated is calculated by Microsoft Word’s “word count” function, and the translation fee is calculated based on that total number of words. The double-byte character count is calculated for the double-byte characters of languages like Japanese and Chinese, and the single-byte character count is calculated for single-byte characters of languages like English. It is not based on the number of words.

Q: Is it possible to have something that has already been translated retranslated and checked?
A: Yes. A translation check is done by a native speaker. However, a separate charge is required for this service.

Q: Can your company translate languages other than Japanese, Chinese and English?
A: Yes. Our company can also handle such languages as Russian, Korean and Thai.

Q: Does your company ensure complete confidentiality?
A: Basically, translation work is performed at our company’s affiliates. Since a Confidentiality Agreement has been concluded between our company and the affiliates, there is no chance that the contents of a translation project will be disclosed outside the company. Our company may conclude a Confidentiality Agreement with a customer as need dictates.
Q: What is the method for delivering translated data?
A: Our company either delivers it by e-mail to the customer in the form of a Microsoft Word file or a text file, or saves it on media like a CD and sends it by regular mail to the customer. We fax or mail the hard copy.

Q: Can your company also undertake specialized translations?
A: More accurate translations are possible if a customer can provide us with a bilingual glossary of technical terminology.