Restaurant Menus and Related Products
In the past few years, there has been rapid growth in demand for Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong.
We design top-quality menus to meet your restaurants’ needs. In addition, we offer manufacturing services for promotional posters, leaflets, business cards, stationery and more.
We produce menus for a variety of restaurants including large Japanese franchises, cafes, sushi restaurants, tempura, yakitori and noodle shops.

Company Brochure

We produce promotional materials for a wide-range of companies. We guarantee that we will provide you with the highest-quality marketing services.
Promotional materials are vital to marketing strategy.
We offer one-stop service from on-site professional photography, translation, and graphic design to printing. Our photographers work not only in Hong Kong, but can set up photo-shoots in mainland China as well.
If you are interested in our marketing services, please contact us.

Product Manuals

Our company produces manuals for many Chinese products, as well as Japanese, English and Russian manuals.
As a Hong Kong company, we promise our Chinese-speaking staff reviews all of our Chinese manuals to meticulously ensure the quality of our translations. We offer one-stop service from translation to printing, and we can directly deliver to your company’s domestic branch.

Print Advertising

Our company provides print advertisements in various languages, from newspaper ads to leaflets.
We provide one-stop service including translation and photography.


We have experience producing a variety of books, including English textbooks for children, child-care books, travel guides, lifestyle guides, financial magazines and more. 
We can provide one-stop publishing services starting from translation. In addition, we directly deliver our products to mainland Chinese companies.
The importance of high-quality business cards cannot be overstated, and our company designs products that will best enhance a company’s image.
We have extensive experience producing the best quality name cards and stationery.
We have provided design services for over 500 companies.
We design stationery to meet our customers’ needs, such as labels and paper clips.
As an environmentally responsible company, we offer sustainable printing options for our customers.


Business cards have rightly been called the company’s face, and it simply will not do to ignore quality in this case.
The notion that a company’s business cards can be a bit cheap may well lead customers to question that company’s character.
At our company, we give full play to our years of experience in producing sophisticated and elegant business cards, letterhead and envelopes.
We have already provided such services to more than 500 companies.
In addition, we also handle the production of various kinds of stationery (labels, paper folders, etc.) suited to our customers’ needs.
We are also glad to accept proposals from our customers when it comes to environmental protection, such as the use of recyclable paper and eco-paper.

Package Design
We have extensive experience with package design, primarily for food products and gift bags.